• Nail trimming
    Ear cleaning
    Sanitary area
    Choice of clip
    Bow or bandanna/scarf
Prices are contingent
upon size, condition
and behavior of pet.

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PlaqClnz is an anesthesia-free
alternative to expensive, painful, and
sometimes risky pet dental cleaning.

    •All natural ingredients
    •Taste-free formula - pets accept
      it easily

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                  Nail Prices

Small Dog                ( 1  - 10lbs)        $  8.00
Medium Dog            (11 - 30lbs)        $10.00
Large Dog                (31 - 75lbs)        $12.00
Extra Large Dog      (76+  lbs    )        $15.00
I just went to
A Leg Up Dog Grooming
and it was
With a variety of offerings to
choose from, we're sure you'll be
happy working with us.

We don't do the "quickie"
45-minute grooming sessions
some shops charge full price for.  

We take the time to do a thorough job,
which gives your pet that "finished" look.  

We are a full service grooming salon for your pet.  All pet's receive a relaxing bath
and a top quality "do" from our highly trained groomers.  Our groomers are  trained to
groom all breeds.  So, whether your Pomeranian needs a lion trim or your Chihuahua
a nail trim,
A Leg Up Dog Grooming ensures that  your pet receives prompt and
careful attention. We strive to make your pet's visit a happy one! 

For dog’s safety, we require proof of rabies and bordetella shots at a leg up dog grooming

Our shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are all top quality to ensure your pet will
go home looking  and smelling great.  We also have terrific special treatments for
pets who have a variety of skin conditions or allergies.
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           Hot Oil Treatment

Dogs are constantly bombarded with pollution,
chemicals, fluctuating temperatures, and
humidity. These factors reveal themselves in the
appearance of their fur/hair and condition of their

Frequent bathing with low quality shampoo is
another culprit that can often take a luxurious
coat and turn it into a brittle coat of fur. Oil
treatments can put the spring back into the dull
lifeless coat, give relief to irritated skin, and
protect against harmful chemicals.

             Small Dogs $ 5.00
             Large Dogs $ 7.00